Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Up, up, and Away ... (Or, "Dog on a Cold, Wood Limb")

On a bright and sunshiny day in the great state of Michigan, the sun was shining, a Spring breeze cooled those browsing through the Dixie Land Flea Market. The weather was shifty that day, as it tends to be in Spring - so, surely no one expected to see Tinker Belle fly by.

Tinker Belle is an 8 months old Chihuahua who was picked up by a 70 MPH gust of wind, lifted from the trailer to which she was leashed, and flew - like the Disney fairy for which she was unfortunately named.

The elderly couple (Dorothy and Lavern Utley), who stood - horrified - while their beloved dog blew away, tried to catch her; however a 5 lbs. dog and a 70 MPH wind make for a rather speedy exit. After two days of searching, the distraught couple called a local radio show - which, for one reason or another, happened to actually have a pet psychic on.

The psychic - and this says so much for what reading the minds of Schnauzers can do for you - advised that the couple was looking in the right spot ... but too low. Yes, yes indeed ... Tinker Belle - propelled by strong winds, perhaps even the faint smell of Kibble in the air - flew 3/4 of a mile away, and was 'nesting' in a tree.

As many a bemused "local interest" reporter commented - begrudgingly eying anchor desks all over the country, Tinker Belle was fine - although hungry. It was ultimately a good day for Dorothy, "... and her little dog, too."

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