Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Last Rites

My father decided to wash my car Sunday. I would say Sunday afternoon, or Sunday night, but it was a rather attenuated process; I think he spent 3 hours on the washing and another hour or two on the drying and polishing.

He is rather fastidious.

Meanwhile, I was waylaid by a hang-over to beat the band. Of course, this was the happy day when my father woke up early, got laid, drove (with the girlfriend) to Seguin, Luling, and Lockhart to pick up barbecue, re-potted two plants on the front porch, and then decided that my car was too dirty and thus spent roughly five hours on it. That was just the exterior, mind you.

I refuse to give him my keys, for fear that he'll disappear for a day or two to go "catting around."

After this marathon day of leisure and Wash Tub(bery), my father decided to talk at me. Among other things, he wanted money. This is by no means unreasonable as I am living rent-free and have reaped the benefits of a guilty parent - including my cell phone and the DSL line through which this message is broadcast.

Unfortunately, my ongoing unemployment prevents me from parting with much more of my student loan funds. And it was that very point that the conversation went down-hill. My father asked about my employment situation - which, at this point, has not changed at all. My temp job - which is slated to last two weeks - doesn't start for another three weeks. That's when Dad pulled out the prayer book.

My parents subscribed to Life-Study Fellowship, an international missionary and prayer group that - for a small contribution - will "say a little prayer for you." He urged me write to them to have what I imagine to be a team of old ladies locked in a roomful of Bibles pray for my career.

I told him I don't believe (not in God, mind you, but in this evil empire that locks old ladies in knitting / prayer circles) ... and when I saw the hurt look on his face, I wrote a $5 check and made a prayer request. Truth be told, I am terrified that things are never going to get any better for me ... and that now that the student loans stopped coming, I'm going to have to start killing off relatives.

I am also mildly horrified that while I appreciate the power of prayer, I couldn't help thinking that - given the state of my financial and professional and even legal situation(s) - it's not so much a prayer for a job ... but rather, last rites for my career.

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